Taunton Deane Council Should Respect Verdict of Council House Tenants

Taunton Deane Council should respect verdict of council house tenants

Jeremy Browne, MP for Taunton constituency, has given his reaction to the result of the council housing ballot held by Taunton Deane Borough Council. 69% of the residents who voted were against the proposal put forward by Taunton Deane Borough Council to sell the housing stock.


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Jeremy Browne said:

“This is an emphatic rejection of the policy put forward by the leadership of Taunton Deane Borough Council.
“The council house tenants have spoken and their decision should be respected.
“Taunton Deane Borough Council spent almost £1 million on trying to win the ballot despite repeated warnings that the money would be better spent on other services.

“I very much hope that the leadership of Taunton Deane Borough Council will remain committed to maintaining a high standard of council housing and be constructive in their response to the ballot.” Read more

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