A Message From the Director of Music

A message from the Director of Music

Canford Summer

We can’t promise a heat-wave like last year, but we do promise the warmest of welcomes – not only to the distinguished musicians and course teachers who make the Summer School so valuable, but mostly to you, the students, both regular and new, who make Canford such a fulfilling experience for all of us. In a world full of conflict, we never forget that where politics divide, music unites, with its special ability to break down barriers and bring people together in friendship to work in harmony, whatever their race, colour, age, their political, religious or social ideals. Add ‘and relax’ to ‘work’ and you have Canford in a nutshell.

To enjoy this camaraderie in such an idyllic but stimulating environment is a unique bonus. It’s hard to single things out in a three week festival of highlights, but we’re quite excited about the new Classical Recording Techniques course, invaluable for those of us who wish to extend our skills and learn how the professionals ‘do it’.

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We’re also delighted to have the talents of the London Haydn Quartet – key players from Europe’s foremost ensembles – to re-launch the String Chamber Music course, and of course Roberto Ponto and Mick Dowrick to work alongside Tim Reynish with the Symphonic Wind Orchestra and the Wind Band Conductors course.

We’ve also managed to tempt Richard Studt back to direct the String Orchestra which alongside the welcome return for a second year of Chris Adey and Ed Gardner (remember last years two exciting orchestral courses?) makes for a potentially stunning instrumental 2004. So, something of a special year, but whatever your interest, singing, composing, playing, we’ve aimed to give you the best around. The rest, as they say is up to you. We just help you to achieve it and look forward to welcoming you, warmly of course, in July and August.

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