Play Gin Rummy Online

The objective of this game is to meld your cards as fast as possible. Melds are either runs (sequences of at least three cards of the same suit) or sets (three or four cards of the same rank).

The dealing player can be chosen randomly, or by cutting the deck or drawing a card from the deck. Either high card or low card deals, according to the players’ decision or to gin rummy rules specific to a certain location. Each player receives ten cards. A discard pile is then started by turn the next card face up. The reminder of the deck serves as stock and all the cards in it are face down.

The non-dealing player may take the up-turned card and then discard, or he/she can leave this option to the dealer. If neither player takes the upcard, the non-dealing player starts the game by drawing the first card from the stock and then discarding. Players draw cards and discard in turns. Each player is supposed to sort his/her cards into melds. All the cards that a player holds except one can be sorted into melds.

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The final discard is made facedown, and the hand is put faceup on the table, with melds and deadwood (the cards that are not matched in any meld) clearly separated. This is called laying off, which is not allowed if the count of your deadwood is zero (you have no deadwood cards- all of them are matched in melds). Your deadwood count should not exceed ten points, and, anyway, it is not advisable to knock when you have a high deadwood score. When you knock, your opponent can match as many deadwoods he/she can to your melds, which can considerably reduce your opponent’s deadwood score.

When it comes to scoring, face cards count ten points each, aces count one point each, and all the other cards count their numeric value. If a player gins (all his/her cards are matched into melds, typically three of them) he or she gets a twenty-five-point bonus plus the opponent’s count of deadwood points. If a player knock, his or her score will be difference between his deadwood score and that of his opponent, provided that the latter’s is higher.

You can play gin rummy either the traditional way, or on the Internet. Online gin rummy is now available from a variety of sources. However, the most comprehensive source should be the one that allows players not only to play gin rummy online, but also to learn all rules and strategies, and get all the tips before starting to play for real money. That’s right, you can play gin rummy just for fun, or you can get your adrenaline pumping by playing online gin rummy for money.

Everything you need to know about online gin rummy can be found on such specialized web sites. You are virtually one click away from having fun playing cards online. But online gin rummy can be a lot more than an excellent pastime; it can be a source of income. Once you have learned all the rules of online gin rummy and have gained considerable experience, including strategies, you can easily beat beginners, because gin rummy is not a game of luck. When you play gin rummy, you have to pay close attention to the discarded cards.

You can play online gin rummy with players from all over the world in tournaments, or you can play it just for fun with your friends- it’s all up to you!

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