For Kids

With tibboh you get internet access and you can use it anywhere – at homeat schoolon the busin the parkwith your mates – anywhere you like.

Best of all, tibboh is safer, so you won’t get any dodgy stuff you don’t like or don’t want and there’ll be less hassle from the parents.

How does it work?

  1. Web filteringtibboh uses the same kind of web filtering technology that is used by your schools plus some other stuff that improves on it.
  2. Accessing stuff

    tibboh allows policies to be set on what you can access based on your age – like films, dvds and games.

  3. Keeping you safer

    tibboh ensures all digital content is classified by the BBFC scheme (like films, and dvds).

Why use tibboh?

  1. Save money

    tibboh has top class content for enjoyment and learning, lots of it free or cheaper than anywhere else.

  2. Feel secure

    because everything on tibboh is safer, friends and family will be happy and you won’t have to worry about using the net.

  3. Be in control

    with tibboh, you can decide which adults are allowed to sponsor you.

  4. My tibboh

    tibboh has lots of cool widgets and backgrounds so you can make it your very own.