How To Burn More Calories In The Gym

In an ideal world, most people would be able to hit the gym and stay there for as long as they need to lose weight. This is the ideal scenario. People would be able to do whatever for however long it takes for them to permanently say goodbye to the spare tire on their mid-section or butt and thighs.


Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world. Most of us are very busy at school or work. Most of us would rather spend time with family or do things that truly matter. I’m not saying that going to the gym is a complete waste of time. I’m saying that for most people, working out in the gym is quite low on their daily list of priorities. It is often postponed if certain things pop up.


What do you think happens since most people have this attitude about exercise? That’s right-most people fail to lose weight. That’s the sad reality that we have to live with. Unfortunately, most people have all sorts of outdated ideas regarding how to hit the gym or exercise.


The old school way to hit the gym


The old thinking about exercise involves three things: People either focus on duration, repetitions, or cardiovascular exercises. There is nothing wrong with this mindset if you have the right set of circumstances. Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough time or energy. The problem with the old thinking is that you need to spend quite a bit of time at the gym because you are trying to pump out many repetitions or circuits when you are doing cardiovascular exercises. You have to go through a few circuits of cardiovascular exercise machines to work out.


The same problem applies to duration. People think that the best way to measure if you truly work out is how long you stayed in the gym.


Most people don’t have time for Old School exercise schedules


Again, the sad truth is, most people don’t have the luxury of time. They really don’t. They would rather do something else. The bottom line is, most people still like to get fit and lose weight. They just want to do it in a faster way.


Thankfully, there is a new training system that can allow you to have your cake and eat it too. This system is called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.



High Intensity Interval Training defined


High Intensity Interval Training allows you to get lot of results in a ridiculously short period of time. You can budget as little as 20 minutes for your daily workout. You then break up this 20 minutes into equal parts active and resting times. You start with an active exercise time that lasts for several minutes. After you’re done actively exercising, you then rest for several minutes. You then restart again with the next active block. You keep doing this until you are done with your twenty or thirty minutes for each HIIT session.


A lot of people report amazing result with High Intensity Interval Training. First, you don’t have to spend so much time in the gym. In fact, you can do this at home. Second, you get a lot of results quickly because your focus is not on the old school benchmarks of exercise success: repetition, duration, or cardio circuit completions.




Make Intensity your benchmark


So what make’s HIIT different? The focus of this fitness method is not repetition or duration. Its not about how many cardio circuits you complete. It’s only focus is intensity. Your goals is to quickly reach a peak intensity level during the active block of time you budget to yourself.


How do you measure intensity? Well, it varies from person to person. Some people say that they reach intense level when their muscles are about to get sore. Other people define that high intensity peak level as the point where they start to feel extremely exhausted. Even others define it as the point where they are nearly out of breath. Whatever way you choose to define it, you have to reach that point and stay there until the rest period comes. You then stop and rest a few minutes then you workout at that high intensity level again.


Keep at it


The secret to HIIT is to keep at it. I wish there is some sort of magic bullet that will work for all people in all situations. Personally, when I first used HIIT, I had a tough time sticking to it-until I discovered I can take baby steps with it.


The good news is that you don’t have to stick to a twenty minute block. If all you can devote is ten minutes, then so be it. Baby steps are fine. As long as you get off the fence and take action on this exercise system, you will get results. The secret is to start but you have to keep you going.


This also means you have to scale up. Simply sticking to a 20 minute routine is fine but you have to scale up the intensity of the active workout within the timeframe after a few weeks. You need to push yourself to the limit where you are about to break down then rest. You then push yourself to the limit again. Intensity is the key. The more intense you work out, the more calories you burn.


The best part is that you burn a tremendous amount of calories in a remarkably short period of time. This sounds good to be true? Try it. You just need to commit yourself to at least a 10 minute block. You’ll be surprised on how much you can achieve if you focus on intensity. It doesn’t matter of how much time you give yourself, as long as you budget it correctly, you will get results. Of course, to get the most out of High Intensity Interval Training, you have to scale up the intensity of your daily routine and mix up exercise types (ie., switch from weight training to cardio to resistance and back).

If you would like some samples of HIIT training or other interval training program you can get some great ideas at  Blaine Podaima is a firm believer in working harder not longer and I 100% agree with him on that!


3 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Weight loss is a big endeavor for some people and here are some diet snack tips to help them out.

Weight loss is generally stated to be a challenging task for many people and experts state that to achieve your goal you should consider what you eat and how much you eat as well. In addition, to achieving healthy weight loss, it is important to take nutrient rich foods.

When talking to obese people, they will state that their snacking habit has made them put on more and more weight. Once you start snacking, you just cannot stop your cravings for them. On the other hand, without getting out of your snacking habit, you can lose weight by taking some healthy snacks. Here are the top 3 healthy, tasty and easy diet snacks that you can try out in your home when you are towards your weight loss goals:

1. Brown bread sandwich:
Just take a few brown bread pieces and toast without oil or ghee or other fatty substances. Just take a toasted slice and top it with a layer of mint chutney. Then, arrange freshly sliced cucumber, capsicum and tomatoes afresh. You can even add a little amount of grated cheese as topping and can easily enjoy this snacking to achieve your weight loss goals.

You can also add tomato sauce to a slice to make the sandwich even tastier.

The benefits associated with this snack is that when you add little quantity of cheese fats, you can burn some unhealthy fats from your body. This Brown bread sandwich is low in fat and high in nutrient content and will eventually help with your weight loss goals. You can get your faster results when you choose brown bread sandwich without salt.

2. Delightful Baby corn:
Take a baby corn and cut it into same sized smaller pieces. Then, you can slice some of your favorite vegetables like capsicum and carrot and can add little olive oil into the pan and heat everything together. Then, add sliced baby corn and vegetables to the pan and then mix and flavor with essential spices. Just add small quantity of water and mix for a few minutes. You can add a few spoons of tomato sauce, little butter and green chilli sauce to make the dish yummy. Turn off the stove after three minutes and enjoy this easy snack.
When talking about the benefits of this dish, baby corn is naturally packed with nutrients and it can provide the body with the best nutrition sources.

3. Fruity oats and banana meal:
For this snack, you will have to prepare fresh oats with milk in a frying pan. Then, you can add delightful fruit slices from your favorite collection of fruits. Then, switch off the stove and put the food to the bowl. Finally, pour pure honey as per the required quantity and mix well. If you want, you can garnish with raisins and few almonds to make the oatmeal even richer and tastier. As the oatmeal is rich in fiber, it will be digested easily and also as you know fruits are nutritious, while honey with its richness in iron content will crush your fat cells.

These snacks may seem out of the ordinary for weight loss, but give them a try, you may be surprised at how good they are!

How to Triple Your Workout Effectiveness?

If you are spending most of your time in the gym but you have nothing to show for it, then you know that you are doing something wrong. Who even said that you need to spend long hours in the gym to remain fitter and look ravish? How effective you are with your workout sessions is what will determine whether you are going to gain something or not. With just a super-effective 30 minute workout session, you can gain a lot more that someone who spends hours in the gym trying out everything. This piece examines how you can triple your workout effectiveness to minimize on the long hours you dedicate to the gym.

intensity of workouts

Restrict yourself to exercising for just 30 to 40 minutes

Most people believe that spending long hours in the gym will lead to gaining more which is not always true. The moment you realize that you have hours to spare to work automatically triggers your mind to relax. However if you know that your time is limited, you can focus on what you do and try to be as effective as can. A 30 minute intensive workout session is more than enough to guarantee you that sleek body that you’ve been yearning to gain.

Increase the intensity of your workouts

You need to a high workout tempo if you really want to cut that extra flab. However, if you are just starting out you need to be very careful. You do not want to take it fast because you risk burning yourself out. Therefore, if you are doing this for the first time, take it slowly and ease yourself in before intensifying your routine. During the month or so, your main objective should be to try and build endurance before you can even try something more intense.

drink lots of water

Drink lots of water

Get into the habit of drinking as much water as you can throughout the day as this makes you healthy. It does not really help to drink water just before a workout session because it can take hours before the water is fully absorbed into your blood stream. Therefore, drinking water throughout the day can help to get you shape just before you hit the gym as it keeps you hydrated throughout your session. Develop this into a habit and you’ll attest to the final outcome.

Protein rich diet

Include protein in your diet

A good number of people are solely focused on working out and fail to take into consideration the diet aspects. They end up paying less attention to the getting the protein their muscles require to rebuild. It’s very important to pay attention to the protein you take as it is a huge determinant of whether you are doing something good to your body or not. To build muscles, you require proteins for both your cardio and strength workouts. Consider taking soy protein shakes or whey to get the right amount of protein into your system.